6 More Reasons to Visit Morocco

Morocco is the outcome of a melting-pot of cultures and peoples which all shaped its identity. There is always plenty to explore, learn and taste in this magical destination, whatever your interests. Morocco is a perfect blend of the familiar and the exotic. Get lost in the maze-like souk in Marrakech, camel trek into the vast sand sea of the Sahara Desert. Explore kasbahs and remote villages, and experience the rich traditions and culture of the Berbers. All in one country and in one trip with Your Morocco Holidays!

Stunning Landscapes

Morocco’s diverse landscapes are a paradise for trekkers and photographers alike. The High Atlas Mountains offer astounding views of Berber villages nestled among deep-red hills and lush green valleys. For the adventurous at heart, there’s Mount Toubkal, the highest point of the High Atlas Mountains at 4167m above sea level. However, you don’t need to be in tip-top shape to explore Morocco’s mountain terrain. Day trips to the Ourika Valley and the nearby Berber villages require less physical exertion and are equally breathtaking.

Magnificent Cities

The imperial cities of Fez, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat are steeped in a wealth of history. Home to lavish palaces, vibrant souks and exceptional Islamic architecture, these cities will appeal to anyone with a keen interest in Moorish art and history.
Each of these majestic cities has its own charm. Get lost in Marrakech’s maze of bustling souks, visit the old tanneries of Fez, and explore the ancient medina of Meknes.

Rich Cultural Heritage

From the storytellers of Djema el Fnaa to the Berber drum circles in the Sahara, customs and traditions are still very much alive in both urban and rural Morocco. The strong presence of these traditions is mostly what makes Morocco such an intriguing destination.
Top cultural experiences in Morocco include spending a few days with a Berber family and visiting rural markets, where you get to explore the Amazigh culture through cooking, farming and music.

Genuine Hospitality

Moroccans are known for being a warm and welcoming people, and almost anyone who’s been to Morocco can attest to this. In fact, hospitality is an important principle in traditional Islamic teachings.
Some shopkeepers will ask you to sit down for a conversation over a pot of tea. Others might even invite you to their home for lunch. In Berber households, guests are provided with an abundance of food and treated as family.
Moroccan hospitality will leave an indelible mark on you. This alone makes Morocco a country worth visiting.

Multilingual Moroccans

Arabic is the official language, but you’ll also hear French, Spanish, Berber and various dialects.
Moroccans switch languages mid-sentence, reflecting the cultures — Berber, Arab, French and Spanish — that have crisscrossed the country.
Arabic is the official language, and you’ll hear the Moroccan dialect, Darija, spoken on the street. French continues to be widely spoken in cities; foreigners are often addressed in this first. Spanish is still spoken in the north part of the country.
You’ll be able to get by with English in the main tourist hubs. Your guide from Your Morocco Holidays will always be there for any needed interpretation.

Moroccan Desert

Leaving behind the buzz of the cities, you can drive through snow-capped mountains and reach the desert in a matter of hours. A night camping under the stars and a camel ride on the golden sand dunes of the Sahara are an absolute must!

Why Travel With Your Morocco Holidays

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