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What Makes Us Different

Your Morocco Holidays is a professional tourism agency based in Morocco and has a representative in the USA. We offer a selection of travel, holidays, tours and excursions of different durations and destinations for you to explore and discover Morocco. Our organized trips are very well suited to families with children, couples, friends and students regardless of the number of people. We work closely with international tour operators. Our policy is always to preferably employ local drivers and guides with good knowledge of the regions visited to offer you a high-quality service for an unforgettable vacation.

Discover Morocco With US

With Your Morocco Holidays, you can discover the magic of southern Morocco, the majesty and splendor of the Atlas Mountains, the fascinating beauty of the gorges and valleys, the bewitching charm of the silent Sahara desert, the magic of a sunset or a sunrise over the sand dunes. Your Morocco Holidays will make you explore the nomadic life and that of the oasis in the kasbah and Berber villages. We will let you live and feel the rhythm of the nomadic existence of the Sahara by camel hiking and spend the night in a Berber tent under the bright stars. The friendliness of the villagers and nomads around a mint tea is a must.


Your Tour Manager

Your Tour Manager, Hamid lives and breathes local culture and customs. He is a true local insiders with years of experience in sharing knowledge of regional culture and history with travelers. Hamid will be the smiling face you meet on your first day, and the new friend that guides you every step of the way as you explore your destination. You can trust your Tour Manager to handle all the logistics and to make sure that every detail of your journey is attended to in terms of safety and quality. He will give you full background on each place you visit on tour. From knowing where to get the best cup of Moroccan Tea to giving a dramatic retelling of the history behind an iconic landmark, your Tour Manager will be your go-to expert.

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